Creation of a women network of Mining Engineers that covers different generations.

Where we transmit our experiences and be able to generate a support network in a transversal way.

To have as our axis our commitment to innovation, security and leadership.

We are a women comunity of  Mining Engineers who inspire the new generations, where we promote professional development and balance personal and family life.




A women network of Chilean Mining Engineers -RIM Chile- is a non-profit foundation that was created on August 9, 2018 due the need to welcome and support, in a transversal way, students and mining engineering professionals of different generations of the country.

This Network is presented as an opportunity  to focused on  minning engineering women such as students and professionals and their positioning in the mining industry in Chile.

RIM is an entity that projects its actions in the mining industry on the basis of equal employment opportunities for mining engineers women.

Our network does not promote differentiation and segregation with profesional men, on the contrary, it seeks inclusion, collaboration and their contribution to build better relationships and thus, ultimately, have a better country.

The main objectives of RIM are to promote the professional development of their members, in conjunction with personal and family life and, at the same time, to constitute an entity that makes visible the leadership, science and experience of minnnig engineering woman as an agent mobilizing, inspiring and positioning of women in Chilean mining.

Another  main objective is to increase the participation of Mining Engineers women, both in executive positions and in the operation area of ​​the mining business, since currently one of the main gender imbalances occurs in the mining industry. We must be present that 51% of the total population of the country are women and only represent 8% of the total workforce in mining.

The Network also has among its purposes to influence on  the mining industry  agenda and that the opinion of their members convert to contribution in the contingent issues that contribute to the development of mining in Chile, where the efficient use of non-renewable resources in Chile will be promoted. Together with enviroment care and the development of technologies and innovation in the mining industry.